Okaloosa Arts Alliance -Local Arts Agency For Okaloosa County

Amy Baty-Herbert, Executive Director

Board of Directors:

President- Bill Head-Colonel (Ret), USAF, MSC-Volunteer Chair

Vice President-Ken Hair- Children in Crisis

Treasurer- Susan Kneller- Grants Chair

Secretary-Becky Belcher-Arts & Design Society

James K. Baughman Sr-Author

Jeanette Shires-Mattie Kelly Arts Center at NWFL State College, Niceville & NWFL Symphony Guild

Cris Reid- Musician & Young Philosophers Society

Marlayna Goosby- Grow Your Gift Conservatory of Music

Ursel Behnken-German Club

Chris Manson-Act4Mystery

Gayle Vann-Harborwalk Village

Karen Reid- Beyond Expectations, Inc

Michelle Jannazo- Blue Door Consulting and NWFSC