The Okaloosa Arts Alliance (OAA) of Okaloosa County is a local arts agency that strengthens the county by supporting the arts through advocacy, education, and marketing and promotion. 

Creativity. Fellowship. Joy. These are some of the amazing things sparked by the arts. 

Spark the Arts is an initiative to inspire public participation in the arts in Okaloosa County by showcasing talent, collaboration, and the vision of professionals, amateurs, and students.  

Throughout the year, the Okaloosa Arts Alliance will highlight artists, performers, organizations, schools, and students throughout the county, and the funds raised will support a local school and organization with the OAA's Community Arts Fund grant. 

Support our work to fund and promote the arts with a tax-deductible donation.  There are multiple ways to donate. 

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When you shop on, you can round up your change and donate it to the OAA. #WalmartSparkGood

​Get a State of the Arts tag and make a difference in our arts community. All tag funds directly support Okaloosa County arts.