Okaloosa Arts Alliance -Local Arts Agency For Okaloosa County

The Okaloosa Arts Alliance aka OAA became the local arts agency for Okaloosa County in 2004.


The Okaloosa Arts Alliance (OAA) of Okaloosa County is a local arts agency that strengthens the county by supporting the arts through advocacy, education, marketing, and promotion.


The vision of the OAA is to serve as a leader and resource for Okaloosa County fostering the arts and creating synergy for collaboration and a stronger, enriched community.  

Creativity. Fellowship. Joy. These are some of the amazing things sparked by the arts. 

Spark the Arts is an initiative to inspire public participation in the arts in Okaloosa County by showcasing talent, collaboration, and the vision of professionals, amateurs, and students.  

The OAA is supported in part by the Florida Department of State Division of Arts & Culture and from Florida Arts auto license tag revenues but could not exist without its members and community support. 

Okaloosa Arts Alliance

P.O. BOX 4426